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Business matching - First step of product sourcing

Business matching is the very first step of sourcing. By definition, sourcing is the full process from identifying needs to successfully qualifying a supplier. A process long enough to break into sub-process, namely matching, RFQ, verifying and so on. (in short, we call ourselves MFE) provide free business matching for buyers and sellers.

Usually, for various reason, buyers prefer to do their sourcing activity secretly. A major reason is that they might not want to jeopardize relationship their existing supplier or customer. Here is how we deal with one specific client with such a request.

Business Background:

A North America business in the medical supply and PPE industry was looking for second/backup source. Some of their existing sources are already in Asia, though middleman. The client is happy with the existing sources but smart enough to keep an eyes on any potential alternative, just in case.

The Matching Process:

The client came to MFE matching and shortly afterward we have a short Zoom meeting, aimed to grab a hold of the background and the expectation. We explained that it is totally free of charge to get a list of recommended profiles and we can arrange a "face to face" online Zoom meeting with the supplier. Why is it free? Coz' we provide this service in order to let buyer experience as a reliable sourcing platform. We also provide paid service for works after matching a supplier such as sampling, due diligence, ordering, payment and so on.

Matching is the first and preliminary step of sourcing - while we obviously can do, however, as a free service we would not intended to go into too much technical details. What we try to make sure is to put the right person (the industrial insider) who understand what the client is needed. The client received the supplier MFE profiles, reviewed it and decided who he would like to spend time to meet with.

Within a week, we figured out a time slot for both side to meet on Zoom. A 15 mins went on well, without even needing too much time to introduce themselve - which we've get done already. Instead, they focus on the project and product itself. A very productive meeting.

Note: Picture shown under agreement with both parties.

The impact:

Client selected 3 major categories out of his 2K+ sku for matching. Within 2 days, we managed to recommend 5 supplier profiles from for his review. While some of the profiles we know them in person already, we are able to write a bit more suggestion base on previous experience to support client decision.

What especially good for both side of the trade is that we manage their expectation well. The suppliers understand that client is a serious one with existing purchase experience and motivation of their second source strategy; The buyer, on the other hand, understand that this supplier know their business and therefore worth investing time to further communicate. A great starting point of successful relationship.

In conclusion, our business matching process is simple, rapid turn around and fairly accurate one. We believe it is very suitable for all kind of buyers with the sourcing needs. You can also DIY your own matching. Just check on and check on the profiles of your industry. Talk to us and tell us your story. We will arrange the rest.

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