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Source from expert

If could not get you to the right person, try us!  Sources your product and supplier at the same time.  An innovative way of sourcing.

We will keep you posted!



Sourcing Efficiency

Unparalleled quality of information,  innovative angle of useful sourcing information, plus our interesting way to organize information make sourcing life different.

Verify your supplier with us

Can't trust someone you don't know?  Have your supplier join our verification program and let us take a second look for you.  

Build your relationship, get unique product

Suppliers won't show their best until buyers are trusted.  Get to know in person and start your relationship.


Match the HERO profile we have

Best matched profiles are listed to you, simply get the quick access to them at first sight

Filter what you need

Find with purpose, filter with industry and categories

Be the one of us!

Want to be reached? Join us with 1-min sign-up, or easy access with Linkedin Connect. 



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Field expert Only, no outsider 

Our “one person, one category” policy ensure everyone give only their best to trade.  No opportunism, no traffic-maker.  We believe that, if every single verified individual product expert with trackable experience profile could only list with very limited of product, then we are talking another level of trust here. 


​Fit the needs of ODM OEM sourcing

Traditional B2B platforms are good with products that already exist in the world.  What if it is not?  Working on OEM/ODM projects requires a much higher level of communication and professionalism with suppliers.  Manufacturese is a great place where you can find related information.


We verify people like no other

We understand the value of trust in matching and we put effort to make sure it.  Users have a chance to get verified for their real identity by cross checking their national ID.  Each factory tax identity could only name a very limited number of people as their key management.  We know there is a lot of effort, but worth doing.


Say goodbye to bait pricing

 If you agree that “those listed prices are not really their real price”, here is a place for you.  We understood the good and bad of listed prices, and would like to create a showcase without any pricing which could have created inaccurate impressions to traders.  If you see something you like, just go talk to that person!

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